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Song of Destiny – The Siren’s Call Series

Mythology, Young Adult
Song of Destiny Greek Mythology

Poison sweet she sings

Death to all she brings

Cursed is the chosen Siren

Who carries sorrow on her wings.

Seventeen-year-old Korrina Lore is haunted by her song, a melody she alone hears and only once sang. A song that led to a man’s death.

Determined to earn redemption, Korrina is now second-in-command of Mischief and Mayhem—a private-school gang with a Robin Hood-esque mission of pranking the popular to protect the misfits.

When a painting brings her song to life, Korrina discovers she’s a mythological Siren, prophesied to break an eight thousand-year-old curse.

Now she must choose.

Wield her song to fulfill her destiny, knowing its inherent power to kill. Or turn her back on her destiny to save those she loves.

  • Gateway to the Best - Grand Prize Winner
  • The Lonestar - 1st Place
  • The Rebecca - 3rd Place
  • The Emily - Finalist

Mark of the Gods – Book 1 of The Muse Island Series

Mythology, Supernatural Suspense
Supernatural Suspense

A killer with a key to her past.
An island with supernatural secrets.
A destiny she cannot deny.

Piper Prince excels at counseling the criminally insane, but something about Ari Fawkes and his claim to serve the gods threatens to unravel her. When he gives her an iron-clad clue to her mysterious past—a clue that could heal her dying sister—Piper follows the trail to Muse Island.

Once on the island, her room is ransacked, a sinister message is left behind, and her one lead is murdered. Before the woman dies, she bestows a strange gift to Piper—one that makes her long-buried, childhood hallucinations return. But are the creatures Piper sees more than hallucinations? And is her fate tangled up with the gods?

Now Piper must deal with awakening to a mythical world, monstrous villains who want to claim both her and the supernatural gift, and a charming resort owner with more secrets than answers.

But who…or what…can she trust?

  • Northwest Houston RWA - Lonestar Contest - Finalist

Power of the Song – Book 2 of The Muse Island Series

Mythology, Supernatural Detective

A faerie found murdered.
A secret hidden on the island.
A song calling her to power.

The faerie are being hunted.

When a stranger requests Piper Prince’s help in solving the murder of a faerie and saving two missing faerie, Piper risks the wrath of the Sons and suspends her search for clues to her past to help the mythical creatures of Muse Island.

Lending her forensic psychology skills to the case, she heads to interview the faerie but encounters resistance from too-sexy-for-his-own-good resort owner Finnian Kalani. Soon, they conclude they must work together to stop the killing of the faerie and their dust being used by the dark magickas of the island.

But can Piper avoid the Sons’ wrath, embrace her power, and find the murderer before all Tartarus breaks loose on Muse Island?


Rise of the Storm – Book 3 of The Muse Island Series

Mythology, Supernatural Detective, Supernatural Suspense
Rise of the Storm

A promise of revenge.
A murder in sanctuary.
A desperate search for answers.

A storm has taken the island prisoner.

When a ritualistic murder occurs at a muse’s sanctuary, Piper Prince must put her own past’s mystery on hold to confront this new threat against her and her friends. Could the Sons of Poseidon be seeking new power to fuel their plans for vengeance?

With the aid of two new Protectors, a devoted genie, and the challenging-yet-charming Finnian Kalani, Piper must discover and halt the killer’s plans before the ritual’s dark magic is unleashed on the island. But what happens when a third task is added to her to-do list—find her missing sister?

Piper Prince will need more than her forensic psychology skills, her friends’ help, and her growing power to save her sister and stop a new darkness from rising.