Song of Destiny Greek Mythology

Poison sweet she sings

Death to all she brings

Cursed is the chosen Siren

Who carries sorrow on her wings.

Seventeen-year-old Korrina Lore is haunted by her song, a melody she alone hears and only once sang. A song that led to a man’s death.

Determined to earn redemption, Korrina is now second-in-command of Mischief and Mayhem—a private-school gang with a Robin Hood-esque mission of pranking the popular to protect the misfits.

When a painting brings her song to life, Korrina discovers she’s a mythological Siren, prophesied to break an eight thousand-year-old curse.

Now she must choose.

Wield her song to fulfill her destiny, knowing its inherent power to kill. Or turn her back on her destiny to save those she loves.

  • Gateway to the Best - Grand Prize Winner
  • The Lonestar - 1st Place
  • The Rebecca - 3rd Place
  • The Emily - Finalist

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