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Creating from the Familiar

I believe each one of us is a creative–whether that be in how you craft spreadsheets, a family schedule, scrapbooking, doodling, needlepointing, gardening, writing…it doesn’t matter. If you have an activity that you do that refuels your spirit, that’s you, tapping into your creative self. And if you’re a reader, you’re a dreamer. There is no sidestepping that.

Trifecta Lane

I wrote this short story a while ago, inspired by the recent trend of eco-friendly burials. Enjoy! ~Kris Faryn   The dead chatter in the branches. Their blood runs through the veins of every leaf. Their bones feed the souls of the trees. Don’t ever go into the forest.   “Grams, you can’t. It’s not…” …

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The coffee shop buzzes around me and my best friend, Kris. The regulars are oblivious to the fact that my best friend may have gone loony. I stare into the clear jar she’s placed on the table, full of tiny paper slips. Pink and orange and blue folded paper fill the jar like tiny fortune cookies, …

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Siren Mythology – The Eleusinian Mysteries

I’m talking about the elusive Eleusinian Mysteries today over at Readerlicious. Come check out the pre-Greek Mason-type cult that celebrated Demeter and Persephone, a cult that kept its secrets so close, scholars and philosophers are still trying to unlock the mysteries.  

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