Kris Faryn, Author

About the Author

Kris Faryn is a young adult author who turns ancient legends into contemporary tales. With a phoenix-shaped mug of coffee in one hand and a purple pen in the other, Kris’s days are spent diving into mythology and crafting stories that even the old gods would applaud.

From childhood, Kris was captivated by gods, heroes, and mythical creatures, often found scribbling epic tales in school notebooks.

Kris’s debut novel, “Song of Destiny,” became an instant hit, rumored to have a spot on Mount Olympus’s sacred shelves. When not plotting divine adventures, Kris explores the enchanted forests of southwest France, seeks out mythical beasts for interviews, and bakes ambrosia cupcakes with mixed results.

Follow Kris Faryn’s mythic adventures on social media, where sneak peeks of upcoming quests are shared. Once you enter Kris’s world, you might find it hard to leave the realm of gods, monsters, and epic tales behind.

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