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A Ghost is Flushing Our Toilets

Hi Lovelies,

We’ve been learning a lot about owning an older home. Every home has its quirks, and this one has them in abundance.

Let me set the scene for you.

My husband and I are enjoying our evening time after the patooties go to bed. We’re sitting on the couch, watching one of our binge shows, when the downstairs toilet flushes.

We glance at each other. I get up to make sure one of the patooties hasn’t gotten out of bed.

Nope. Both are sound asleep.

I rejoin the husband and say, “Must’ve been a ghost!” 

Which of course he immediately denies <–not a believer.

This keeps happening. And happening. And happening.

I call a plumber, because as much as it would be cool to have a ghost flushing our toilets, if this is a ghost, they may want to schedule a visit to the doctor.

Turns out, it’s not a ghost. Le sigh.

But it is something called phantom flushing, which is basically a thing that happens in older homes because of the way pipes were run through the house way back then.

Don’t you hate having logical explanations to what *could* be supernatural?? I do.

Sometimes, I’d much rather just let the magic be. It’s way more fun to think about a ghost going around flushing toilets than about old pipes. Just like it’s much more fun to think about all the what ifs in life. 

What if Sirens were real? What if they had daughters? What if, through centuries of living among humans, the descendants of Sirens had lost who they are and where they came from?

What if all the myths were real? What if the gods exist in real people who have real problems who embody the characteristics and personalities of the gods?

Questions like these are what I start asking myself during the initial phases of brainstorming a new story. It’s always a what if.

So I ask you…what if?

What if you let your dreams play out in reality for a moment?

What if you imagine yourself taking the first step toward that far off goal?

What if you actually took that step?

What if?

To Good Books and Living From Joy,


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